IMG_20150306_175803856-001Reverse or negative air pressure in drainage is a huge problem. In a pipe, airflow should push outward. Smells, germs and pathogens should exit the pipes, not travel back into rooms. Water flowing through pipes induces airflow in the right direction. When water and/or air encounter a blockage or a dry trap, they can reverse. Sometimes poorly placed vents or a lack of venting on pipes can also exasperate this problem.

Our Pressure-teq tool (which is currently in development) is a snap-on device, (about the size of an external hard drive) which monitors active live drainage. Three of these tools can be installed at one time to vulnerable pipes and take simultaneous readings. Based on these digitally recorded readings we can determine where pressure is building up, how much is building up and if it’s reversing. This temporary (possibly permanent) installation is vital on many buildings to identify the problems occurring and where they are coming from.