megMeg Stone

Managing Director


Meg joined Dyteqta in September 2014. She has over 18 years’ corporate experience including management roles with two Global 500 corporations. Meg grew up in Los Angeles but has permanently resided in England for more than a decade. She holds a BA (hons) in Marketing from UCLA and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

For Dyteqta, Meg manages everything from reporting company financials and strategy to strategic planning and commercial focus.

Meg also gives presentations year round at exclusive events focussed on Infection Prevention and Improving Drainage.


Peter Photo resizedPeter Creasy



50 years’ of experience forming and growing businesses in many market sectors including public relations, marketing and sports sponsorship in London, Manchester and San Francisco. Further businesses in the Dotcom sector, a Lloyds underwriting business, several renewables businesses, manufacturing companies and was on the boards of the Solar Trade Association and the Institute of Sports Sponsorship.




DSC02198-001Charles Hartley

Chief Engineer


Charles “Chaz” Hartley joined the company in 2010.  He is the original Dyteqta employee and continues to help us flourish with our drainage driven solutions.

Charles has over 20 years’ experience in the field of electronics, engineering and pressure transients.  He also has extensive knowledge garnered from over a decade in the Royal Navy.

Charles is the technical lead on our Consulting services.




James suit web 72 dpiJames Blunden

Design & Development Engineering Manager


James has been an employee for Dyteqta for over four years.

James has detailed experience installing Dyteqta solutions around the world. He has a background in Engineering, Computing, and Robotics.

James is lead developer on our products Flow-Teq and Pressure-Teq. He has a meticulous passion for getting designs right by testing solutions to destruction to ensure quality and longevity with our designs.




HarryHarry Hills

Support Engineer


Harry joined the team in January 2016 as Apprentice Engineer and has proven and developed into the role of Support Engineer.  He supports Dyteqta’s engineers in all areas of design and development and manages our workshop.

Harry specialises in mechanical engineering and is a keen robotics inventor in his spare time.

Harry has proven himself to be a clever, articulate and dedicated employee; even staying in the office for a non-stop 24 hour stretch to monitor a 3D print render for a presentation.




Juliet Cooper

Business Development


Juliet joined Dyteqta in 2016 and has over 20 years’ experience of business support and project management. Juliet supports Meg and the team with business development, marketing and general administration.





Ruth PhotoRuth Southern



Ruth is an experienced bookkeeper and has worked for businesses in the building industry for many years. She enjoys working for Dyteqta because of the research aspect which helps everyone lead a healthier, happier life.