Indoor Sewer Smells


shutterstock_248479189Buildings the world over often suffer from sewage odour. It’s a common issue that unfortunately plagues some of the finest properties in the world.

Sewer smell is preventable and avoidable when you understand the facts behind it. Whether you are planning a new building or rectifying an existing issue, we have the solution to eradicate the concern.

Dyteqta is a world expert in solving sewage smells in public buildings. We discreetly identify why and where the smell is coming from–and more importantly–we expertly advise on how to eradicate the smell for good.

Why does the sewage smell in buildings occur?

More often than not, it’s a simple design flaw that has been overlooked as it doesn’t fall into a building code violation. Plumbing codes have been updated but the mathematics behind them are based on low rise buildings of 10 floors or less. If you’re a facility over 20 storeys, the plumbing design is more than likely unable to completely cope with its volume of usage.

Wait, does that mean we have to remove pipes or endure messy, expensive construction to rectify?

Absolutely not. If you’re building a new commercial property, we’d like to bend your ear and help with your design plan before a problem occurs. However, if you have an existing building that is plagued with complaints about smell, we’re your best friend. Our post-construction solutions can rectify what’s going on.

Our patented solution uses silent sonar waves to  identify vulnerabilities in the drainage system. These vulnerabilities are what is responsible for the sewer smell escaping into the public space. This wave is monitored on a web based page accessible for reporting by you or your maintenance person-in-charge. The web page also sends a trigger text whenever a problem is identified.

What else can Dyteqta do?

Dyteqta solutions can detect blockages in your drainage system long before a backup may occur, saving a property from the mess, expense and loss of reputation associated with blockages, flooding and extreme smell situations. Most blockages can be attended to by your internal staff with residents completely unaware.

Is it expensive? Do Dyteqta solutions take a long time to install?

No and no. We provide a preliminary quote free of charge which will also determine the time frame for installation. The quote and the installation time frame will depend on the following factors;

  • How many floors are in your building
  • How many drainage stacks are existing in the building
  • If you have an onsite person-in-charge or will require external monitoring support
  • The ease of access to the top of your drain pipes. Do you have a plant room? Do your pipes have exits through the roof of your building? [We require access to the top of your drain pipes.]
  • The seriousness of time frame [i.e. your property has been put on notice by a health authority or agency?]

Will this help with my green rating and Eco status?

Absolutely. Whilst some buildings will choose to approach our solution swiftly and discretely, other properties may relish the opportunity to announce that they have upgraded their existing plumbing to meet a higher green health standard. The choice is entirely up to you. We will happily supply you with documentation to prove you have improved your building through our solution. However we will never discuss nor contact anyone on your behalf without your expressed permission in advance.

This is an unbudgeted expense. How do I justify the cost? Do you offer payment plans?

Sewer smell isn’t just an annoyance. It’s also a health risk. Sewer gases make people ill. Sewer gas smell is also an indicator that plumbing blockages may be occurring, which if ignored, will cause flooding. Can you risk either? More importantly, can your insurer?

Many insurance providers will offer a discount for proactively addressing the issue. Insurers may even reimburse you for the costs of the installation.

It also comes down to reputation. Who wants to stay in a building that smells?

And yes, we offer payment plans. We’re not expensive, but if it’s unbudgeted, we are flexible to help you find a way to cover the cost.

How will I know it’s working?

Our sonar software is very simple to use and easy to track. You don’t ever have to look at it as the software will automatically alert you to problems, but if you so wanted to ‘log in’ and see how many problems you’ve had, you can track and document them efficiently.

Most importantly, the smell will no longer be an issue.

Ready to discuss further? Let’s have a discreet discussion today.