Sustainable Buildings, Drainage Challenged

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Eco friendly stampDrainage is a topic that infrequently gets discussed–until something goes wrong. Building codes and drainage guidance are often under-equipped for the scale of buildings today. Poor drainage puts buildings–and people–at risk.

With the ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly buildings, existing drainage is put under more strain as water consumption is decreased. We understand the positive impact low-flush toilets have on the world. We also see the problem they cause in drains.

Our focus is to make eco-solutions co-exist in harmony with existing drainage stacks.

The Flow-teq solution sends a small amount of water into the drain when drain problems start to occur. The amount of water it sends is nominal but effective. This proactive solution enables low flush toilets to work more effectively and gives them a little extra ‘help’ when the drains need it most.

Our solution is recognised as an eco-friendly option to harmonise eco-changes that sometimes don’t work as efficiently as the previous ‘more wasteful’ predecessors. If you have modified a building to be more ‘green’ and it’s created a new set of challenges with your drains, we can certainly help. Don’t reverse your eco-installations. Dyteqta offers better options to rectify and resolve your upgrades, for the good of the environment and the improvement of your sanitation.