Particularly high rise buildings, often suffer from drain-related challenges. Blocked drains and sewer smells can be a common occurrence.

Part of the reason behind this is down to a simple design flaw. The mathematics behind many plumbing codes were based on low rise buildings of 10 floors or less. If your facility counts over 20 storeys the plumbing design may be unable to cope adequately with your volume of usage.

Sulphur gas constitutes a dangerous occurrence in a blocked drainage. As sulphur is a health hazard and is flammable, your insurance provider may offer you a discount for installing a Dyteqta product to minimise your risk. If this is as concern that you wish to keep quiet, we can also install with the utmost discretion.

If you’re responsible for a building with drainage issues, we’re here to help. We can help surveyors and property owners, litigators and insurers. Peak flowing drainage minimises legal exposure and saves money for building owners. Proactive solutions makes good business sense.


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