Architect and client on siteDyteqta clients are all over the UK. Plumbing blockages are not limited to location, but our solution is unique. We are called to help solve the drainage problems that no one else can.

It is not difficult to source a passive after-the-problem solution to fix and refix your plumbing woes. If you want to continue to pay for emergency plumbing call-out services, that’s your choice.

We don’t list clients as institutions such as hospitals would rather not publicise the challenges they have. However if you are considering our services references are available on request.

So who are the clients that we help?

Dyteqta offers a very valuable solution for hospitals.

Many hospitals are introducing low water consumption practices, including low-flush toilets to reduce their carbon footprint. This unfortunately can increase blockages. Hospitals are also often guilty of using macerators to send papier mâché bed pans down the drains. Combining these newly introduced solids to drier pipes will increase blockages.

Blocked and partially blocked drains can increase smells and flies, and raise the volume of pathogens travelling through a drainage network. Everyone can be susceptible to getting sick from the spread of viruses, but when you are exposing people with vulnerable or compromised immune systems, the concern is heightened.

We have successfully installed Dyteqta’s solution in multiple hospitals. These installations are arguably the most important in our line of work as we feel that monitoring and proactively maintaining the drainage in a hospital can save lives.


Hotels often suffer from sewage odours. It’s a common issue that unfortunately plagues some of the finest hotels in the world. With hotels relying on reputation and feedback, it’s vital that the rooms don’t smell like sewage. People associate this smell with being unclean, and no one wants to stay at an unclean hotel. Our silent, discreet solution can eradicate the sewer smells and bring peace of mind to hotel owners.

Commercial Buildings

We also work with a lot of commercial buildings, from office blocks to private apartment towers that are plagued with drainage challenges. More often than not, it’s a simple design flaw that has been overlooked as it doesn’t fall into a building code violation. The plumbing codes the world over have been updated with modern equipment – but the mathematics behind them are based on low rise buildings of 10 floors or less. If you’re a facility over 20 storeys the plumbing design is more than likely unable to completely cope on your volume of usage. Rather than ripping out poor drainage pipes, we provide the monitoring of the pipes to keep the on site maintenance team informed and prepared.

As demand grows, we are also seeing interest from other commercial drainage challenges. We can help surveyors and property owners, litigators and insurers. Peak flowing drainage minimises legal exposure and saves money for building owners. Proactive solutions make good business sense.


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