Welcome to Dyteqta


We offer green innovative solutions to help solve commercial drainage challenges. If you are responsible for a building that suffers from poor drainage and the unpleasant additional problems that occur as a result of drainage woes, we are here to help.

Most solutions on the market focus on ‘reactive’ options to provide a short-term fix for drainage dramas. Reactive drainage companies are rarely going to break the cycle. Why would they?  But we’re different. We focus on the root cause of your drainage problems and work with you to help prevent what’s causing the drainage to fail. We offer PROACTIVE, permanent drainage solutions to help with challenges which include:

      • Sewage backing up and flooding
      • Sewage smells
      • Drain blockages, dry traps
      • Harmful pathogens spreading through drainage

We combine technology with drainage ‘detective’ work to determine the cause of your problem. We then offer a proactive solutions to rectify the situation. Our solutions are eco-friendly and can be implemented on live operational buildings.  If you think we can help your building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our phone and Skype consultations are free and confidential.

Call us today to book a consultation: +44 1273 746 229